Is Dubsado worth it?

Woman sitting at laptop, with the screen open to laptop. The question is, is Dubsado worth it?

So you’ve heard all the people on the internet raving about it, and you’re wondering “is Dubsado worth it?”.

Short answer? Yes. Without a doubt. Here are three reasons why.

Three Reasons Dubsado is worth the investment


Woman (Charlotte Isaac) standing at a desk, looking over her laptop. Is Dubsado worth it?

Reason One — Dubsado will save you time. Lots of it.

How long does it currently take you to onboard a new client? Imagine cutting that time in half (at least).

And no, I’m not exaggerating. Here’s what one of my past clients, Ash from The Punk Project had to say:


“I was spending close to 4 hours PER client, which included drafting an amazing proposal, sending it, and then onboarding the newly signed client. It was a lot of manual work.

After working with Charlotte and Project Liberation, creating proposals and onboarding takes me 12 minutes now. 12 MINUTES! I can’t believe I was spending so much time on this before!”


No joke — it now takes Ash 5% (FIVE PERCENT!) of the time it used to take her to bring on a new client.

Reason Two — Your client experience will improve by using Dubsado.

Think about what your clients need to do when they’re ready to work with you. How do they…

  • Book a time to speak to you?
  • Accept your proposal, sign your contract and pay you?
  • Choose a start date?
  • Receive prep work, like questionnaires?


Does it feel easy? Can they do all these things in one place? How many emails does this take? My guess is too many emails, too many different pieces of software and too many PDFs.

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that your clients will love you for using Dubsado. (Even if they have no idea what you’re using. They don’t care — they just want it to be easy).

And while I know we all care about our client experience, sometimes it’s hard to see the ROI of it. But here’s the thing, if you have a business that runs on referrals you know how powerful your clients are to your business. They can be your *best* advocates, no marketing needed.

As Paul Jervis says in Company of One, “Customer happiness is the new marketing”.

Reason Three — Dubsado can help you make more money.

For the final reason why Dubsado is worth it, I want to talk about immediate, financial ROI. At the end of the day, we all need to make a profit to keep our businesses alive. Greater profit without more work? Sign us up.

I have a whole entire blog post on specific ways Dubsado can help you grow your income, but let me just say this:

Dubsado *will* help you bring on more new clients. It’ll also help you increase the lifetime value of those clients. What’s not to love?


TL;DR: Dubsado is worth every cent.

For any one of these reasons alone, Dubsado would be worth it. But all three? TAKE MY MONEY.

But is Dubsado right for me? Here’s all the reasons I recommend Dubsado to my friends and clients.

Ready to start, but don’t have the time to set up Dubsado yourself? You can find out more about what working with me looks like here.