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Upgrade your Dubsado forms with illustrations

Upgrade your Dubsado forms with illustrations

How to design pretty Dubsado forms without code

Did you know that you can use images to make Dubsado forms feel like a custom on-brand design? Seriously! It’s the quickest and easiest way to improve your Dubsado forms without any code.

Not sure where to start?

I asked my client, Laura Matteson—Creative Director and Illustrator at Illustrative—if she’d be happy to share behind the scenes of her Dubsado account to show how you can use images to improve your Dubsado forms in a flash. Even if you’re not a talented illustrator like Laura (and especially if you don’t want to mess around with a coded Dubsado template) take a little time to follow these steps, and you’ll be able to design forms that keep your clients coming back for more.

Laura Matteson illustrates on her ipad

Want to DIY pretty Dubsado forms without the fuss?

Make your Dubsado forms stand out with a few simple design tweaks! This is something I help my private clients do all the time, but I know not everyone is ready to outsource (that’s why I offer Ease Seekers Society a few times each year!).

Here’s a step-by-step how-to you can follow to DIY pretty Dubsado forms in the meantime.

Step #1 Brainstorm!

Before you start creating your forms, start with a brainstorming CEO session. What type of experience do you want for your clients? What big ideas can you implement? Write it all downeven the ideas that seem bad at first might evolve to be something unique that sets you apart.

Step #2 Create an outline.

What flow will your clients follow between forms? Map out this direction before designing anything. Include details like what information and content needs to go in each form, what happens based on different variables (ie. are there options to choose from that will dictate the client’s flow?).

Step #3 Where is there possible tension?

Audit the client flow through your process. Pinpoint the areas where clients may feel tension within the forms specifically. Potential spots of friction are: When they sign a contract, pay an invoice, or won’t hear from you for a while. You want clients to feel supported and positive about their investment in your services.

Step #4 Get on brand.

On brand everything takes a client experience to the next level. If you have visual brand elements to use, incorporate them. If you don’t have these yet, try to match your brand mood with custom illustrations and branded images.

Want to influence your client’s mood with visuals? Here’s some ideas…

  • Funny: Add a silly GIF or large joke quote in your form.
  • Professional: Add a helpful chart or infographic to explain complicated parts of the form.
  • Friendly: Add a cute GIF or illustration and lots of helpful arrows.
  • Feminine: Add pretty accents to the form like florals or gold lines.
  • Luxury: Create custom buttons, easy links, and tailored welcome and thank you pages for an added experience.


Step #5 Add images.

This is where you can use that simple Dubsado hack: Add images everywhere that it makes sense to break up text and set that vibe you’re going for. Need some ideas of where to add images?

Here’s a few places Laura uses images and illustrations in her Dubsado forms… 


Add a custom button photo with a link (only do this on forms that stay the same for everyone).

Dubsado forms example: custom image buttons


Give your client an idea of what will be in the form with a header that sets the mood.

Dubsado form example: custom headers


Use imagery to show the different choices someone has in a proposal.

Dubsado form example: images to highlight choices


Set the mood in your follow-up emails after they sign up or pay so they feel reconnected with you.

Using gifs in an email to set the mood


Separate your packages or the features of your package with icons and images so clients can easily move through the options.

Dubsado form example: icons to show packages

Tension easers:

Place tension easers on forms where people may hesitate for a second. For example, on the sign up page or payment screen.

Dubsado form example: tension easers

Set up Dubsado with ease!

If you read this blog post and feel totally overwhelmed with where to start setting up Dubsado for your business, don’t worry. I have a free resource you’re going to love! Enroll in 7 Steps to Automation, a free course that walks you through key decisions like what to automate and how to automate client workflows.


A big thank you for sharing the inside of your Dubsado account, your illustrations and some great tips on upgrading Dubsado forms, Laura!

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