How do you make that happen? You need a CRM that works for you and your business, so you can spend less time on the busywork and more on things that matter, like treating your clients well. You need Dubsado, and I can help you set up all the headache-inducing tech ASAP.

If you’re a stressed out service provider who wishes they had more time in their day…

Grow your business on raving referrals, save time through automation, and
feel like an actual boss without stressing about the day-to-day details.

If you’re here, my guess is that Dubsado is collecting digital dust while you keep moving through the motions. You’re not alone if you feel totally overwhelmed and wish things would just work. 

Let’s make this clear: I’ll walk you through every step.

You’re worried about pressing the wrong button and making it all fall apart.

This is simple when you have a step-by-step process to follow—promise.

The thought of automating your client workflow is equal parts exciting and terrifying.

Hey, there’s no judgement here! I can show you how to whip that tech into gear so it really works for you.

You want to like Dubsado because your biz bestie raves about how much time it saves her, but so many features sit unused.

It’s not too late to change the trajectory of your year and start growing through raving referrals from happy clients who are so impressed with how you work.

You had big plans to scale this year, but feel totally stalled in place.

You can take control, streamline to grow, and use tech to reclaim the freedom and ease you want from your business.

You started your business to live on your own schedule, but instead of doing what you love every day, you waste way too much time on administrative tasks.


Find clarity within your business’ systems and implement via a complete Dubsado setup. We’ll break down this beast of a tool into simple steps you can DIY in just 4-ish self-paced weeks.

Set up Dubsado, use automated workflows to save time, and improve client experience—finally create space to grow your business.

Find the clarity you need to streamline the day-to-day in your business in a way that feels good to you.

Design and implement clear systems that you can automate, replicate, and grow from at record speed.

Get those raving reviews from clients who loved your processes and the level of support that you give.

And at the same time, start to live a life of ease that is supported by your business. Finally, enjoy all that you’ve built.

You could get the most possible out of your Dubsado subscription by actually using all the features, especially the automated workflows.

Just by completing this course, you will…

Because you are never too small to treat your business like a real business.

Set up systems that streamline your day-to-day to save yourself time and energy, all while still making your clients feel special.


And all that could feel easy. Business doesn’t have to be so hard. And it’s definitely not about who can hustle more (I’m very anti-hustle, if you couldn’t tell).

You deserve to feel at ease in your business, and Ease Seekers *On Demand is how we’re going to make that happen…

Systems come first. Automation makes things even better.

No, you don’t need to wait until you can afford to hire a team to outsource everything. What you need is Dubsado.

I’m going to go against everything your business coach has ever told you:

lani sheldon, Brand & Web Designer

"I would have paid double or triple for the value and experience this course has delivered for my business. And having access to the recorded content and resources is BRILLIANT when I want to implement new workflows! Fan for life!"

You could save hours of time typically wasted on admin like Lani did.

Work smarter, not harder, with automation.

Overcome the grind to instead live and work on your terms.

Cut out repetitive to-dos and let Dubsado take care of the details on autopilot.

Set up Dubsado’s automation to its full potential, so you can spend less time on admin tasks and more time doing what you love.

Simplify and automate your business by setting up systems that are unique to your needs.

Create proposals, questionnaires, and forms that impress your clients and save you tons of time.

Build out your special way of serving people instead of pasting a cookie cutter workflow into your business.

Map out clear workflows that are unique to you and your special way of doing things. 

Audit your day-to-day, cut the bottlenecks, and make your clients feel so good about working with you that they refer you to all their friends.

Learn how to leverage client experience as a growth tool in your business.

What will Ease Seekers *On Demand actually do for you though?

Automate in a way that feels good.


Who am I to teach you this stuff anyways?

Make it feel easy by following a proven process that works no matter what service you offer.

Take the overwhelm out of the mix by knowing exactly where to start and what comes next.

Actually learn how to use all the different features of this massive platform so that as your business grows, you can make updates no problem.

Get back to feeling good about what you do.

By the end, you’ll see the results compound in both time saved and confidence gained.

Alongside that big-picture overhaul of your business’ workflows, we implement and automate in Dubsado without making your brain hurt like it currently does.

I know—it sounds super fluffy, but what you learn inside Ease Seekers *On Demand is tangible and actionable, and it’s going to make a huge difference in how you work.

Instead of running to keep up with everyone else, I challenge you to invest the time to build freedom into your routine.

Dubsado is my specialty and I’m actually pretty obsessed with all that it can do to help small service-based businesses grow. When I started out in this online world, I felt a bit frazzled trying to juggle it all, but Dubsado became that too-good-to-be-true solution for me and now private clients pay me thousands to set up custom automations within the platform for them too.

Client experience has been my ticket to hit all those buzzy business milestones that I hate to talk about, like $25k months and 6-figure years, while also living a life I’ve always dreamed of. The numbers aren’t as important to me as the feeling of freedom getting to live outside of work.

Hey! I’m Charlotte, a lifelong ease seeker and Business Operations Consultant. 


"Charlotte’s program is hands-down one of the best investments I've made in my business! Before joining the program, I'd been using Dubsado for about a year but was still spending hours each week responding to leads and onboarding clients. Workflows made my brain hurt, and the fear of messing up automation was keeping me buried in admin tasks.

Charlotte was the best teacher I could have asked for! In addition to being able to break down all things Dubsado in a clear, digestible format, she’s also a client experience genius who shares strategies and systems to serve your people better. My new forms, canned emails, and automated workflows are already saving so much time and freeing me up to focus on the areas of my business I’m most passionate about.

If you’re ready to use Dubsado to its full potential, create a high-end experience for your clients, and get back to doing the work you love, Charlotte's program will absolutely give you the training and confidence to get there. "

Kelsey O’Halloran, Website Copywriter

You could finally use Dubsado to its full potential like Kelsey…

Step 4: Build & Test Your Workflows

The main event (and I promise it’s going to be okay). We’ll build your workflows, connect all the moving bits and pieces, and plug it in to your website. Before turning it all on for your clients, I show you how to test to make sure there’s no kinks in the way.

Step 3: Forms & Templates

Forms and templates made easy. Proposals, contracts, and questionnaires. We’ll set up your lead capture forms, build out your scheduler, and create payment schedule templates. I show you how to design all of the above in a way that both functions well and looks nice.

Step 2: Dubsado Setup Basics

Next, we’ll take a walk around your Dubsado to make sure everything is integrated, on brand, and ready to build. This is also where we’ll create your Dubsado Content Checklist… basically a comprehensive list of everything that you need to build before automating.

Step 1: Plan Your Client Experience

You’ll audit your current processes, searching for inefficiencies and chances to treat your clients even better.

Together, we’ll map out all the essential steps, including lead workflows that convert and offboarding automations that will bring in those referrals.

In each module, you’ll take action to transform a piece of your workflow.

Watch pre-recorded tutorials and start to implement what you’ve learned on your ideal schedule because life can be busy. Although this is the self-paced *On Demand version of my signature course, it should still take you about 4-ish weeks to complete. I’ll still check in with you weekly via email to help you stay on track.

Services guides are basically my secret weapon with lead workflows. You can steal my how-to and implement within your own business. Just wait for the difference it makes.

($97 value)

Services Guide Training

You can use my exact Zapier-Google Drive-ClickUp integration to save time in your own business. This one walks you through how to bring new clients from Dubsado and zap them over to create project folders and project task lists.

($27 value)

Zapier Basics

You know what you want from your life and business, but actually making it happen feels like a huge task to tackle. With the help of the Ideal Week Planner, you can schedule your work and meeting times to create that feeling of ease in your day-to-day and protect those boundaries because they are so important.

($27 value)

Ideal Week Planner

Of course automating Dubsado is the main event, but there’s so much more to running a business that’s rooted in ease. I have a few other tricks to help you make that happen… 

Steal my very own Dubsado Setup Checklist Templates in the format of your choosing. These are available in PDF form, or ClickUp if you plan to digitise everything in your business after mastering Dubsado (highly recommend!).

Dubsado Setup Checklists

Just because I want to make this super easy for you, you’ll also get access to my exclusive Workflow Template Library to plug and play, or customise to make your own. By not starting from scratch, implementation is quick!

Customisable Workflow Library

As if automating Dubsado wasn’t enough to bring you an ROI on the investment of this program, here’s a couple other tools inside to help you implement ASAP…

($147 value)

($67 value)

Your lead’s journey continues through and after the discovery call to the proposal. With the help of this bonus Proposal Template, you’ll close more sales than ever before because your people will feel super supported and ready to trust you.

($97 value)

Proposal Template

Access Ease Seekers *On Demand if you want to find freedom in your business.

I'm In!

AUD $597
(Approx USD $410)

Let’s overcome your tech headaches, crush through that imposter syndrome, and set up Dubsado in just 4 weeks.

Kick those brain-hurting tech woes to the curb and instead set up automated workflows that make you feel like an actual boss in your business. By the end, I promise you that Dubsado will make complete sense.

*GST applies for Australian Customers

Past cohorts say this was one of their best investments…


"Honestly, this was hands down the best course I've ever taken! Charlotte is an EXPERT in her field and it shows in every step of this course. She goes above and beyond to ensure you are good to sore when you leave the course! You would be doing yourself a HUGE disservice if you didn't master Dubsado with Charlotte. HUGE."


"Dubsado is going to change my life and my business! I can now see how many holes I had in my business process, which was probably not helping the client experience and therefore not helping me. Now I have sat down and thought about how to work each workflow, my clients will be so much happier with me and my services!"


"This course is the best decision you can make if you really want to learn not only the generals but the details and key aspects of Dubsado. Charlotte will guide you through every step (literally) that there are NO gaps in your learning and that you take the best advantage of the program, and you make it work for you! Seriously the BEST COURSE!!"

Ease Seekers *On Demand is for small service-based businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers who want to streamline their processes, automate their workflow, and save time on busywork—all while treating clients so well that they leave raving reviews and refer you to all their friends.

To give you an idea of who has enrolled in previous cohorts, we have a mix of: graphic designers, virtual assistants, social media managers, copywriters, content writers, photographers, etc.

Who is this program for?

Each week, you should dedicate 1 hour to watch the pre-recorded lessons and 1-4 hours to implement. A good time to finish in is 4 weeks. Technically, you could whip through the course content faster if you’d like (or slower if you really need to, but I don’t recommend that!).

What’s the time commitment like?

You get all the modules immediately on enrollment and will have lifetime access, including any content updates and new lessons.

How long do I have access to the material?

This program is packed with all my best trainings plus a step-by-step roadmap to help you streamline your business systems. The big finale: We set up Dubsado together to automate your busywork, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

What will I learn?

We do not offer refunds for “change of mind.” If you're not sure whether Ease Seekers *On Demand is a good fit for you, please reach out before enrollling and I’ll be honest with you. I don’t want anyone inside who isn’t going to be good for this. That’s just bad for both of us and not how I do business.

What if I change my mind?

There are so many reasons why Dubsado is the best option. Basically, it’s the most robust tool in terms of automation opportunities, but here’s more information about that decision.

Why Dubsado and not another CRM?

You know what’s harder? Wasting time to busywork in your business. Sure, maybe you did clock some decent time setting up Dubsado, but all you’ve *really* accomplished is building a proposal that you’re not 100 percent happy with because it could be prettier. And even though a friend told you a cool hack to make it look next-level, it’s just not quite right yet, so you keep fiddling with it trying to get it perfect. That’s hard.

What’s easy is working with a group who gets your struggle to set everything up right from the start. Flow comes from focus and a clear action plan.

Dubsado is hard. What if I’m not sure I can do it?



"Dubsado seemed so overwhelming when I first started using it. I knew that it could be a powerful resource but I was only scratching the surface. With her program, Charlotte gave a great tutorial on how to use Dubsado and how it can be customised for my business. I now feel comfortable making changes to my new business process thanks to this program."

You could feel confident making changes to workflows on your own as your business grows like Danielle.

It’s about time for you to take control of your time.

Build ease into your business ASAP with Ease Seekers *On Demand...



Ready to join me in building ease into your business?