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Close more sales, get paid faster, and onboard new clients with ease... all while making your people feel super supported.

Dubsado Proposal Template

Cut admin time down to just a few minutes and increase your proposal conversions.


You can save time sending proposals and onboarding clients, get paid faster by streamlining this process, and automate the entire stage while simultaneously increasing your close rates.

Sounds good, right? If you sell a service, you usually don’t need to spend more than 30 minutes onboarding a new client. That’s what the Proposal Template is designed to help you do. Rather than needing to send all the onboarding paperwork manually, we can automate it to run at the click of a button in a way that’s totally customised to your business.

So many business owners feel this struggle:

You get a client on a discovery call. You both click. Yay! Then what?

They ask for a proposal, but you aren’t really sure what to send them. So you stress out for a while then send a patchwork form you aren’t super proud of. If they accept, you also have to send the contract, invoice, and onboard them as a new client. That’s a lot of time wasted.

Maybe you skip the proposal all together and just send over the contract, but after the high from your awesome discovery call fades, they end up ghosting. You thought you were getting a new client, but now they won’t reply to your emails. Another lead lost.

Or maybe you do have a pretty good system in place, but you know there’s a way to streamline the process for your new clients and yourself. And at the same time, you’d love to learn how to increase your close rate at the proposal stage.

Grab my signature Proposal Template.

Use the same template that has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for myself and my clients, and add this to your proposal and onboarding workflow inside Dubsado. Not only will you save time now, but close more later.

Rather than needing to send all the onboarding paperwork manually, we can automate it to run at the click of a button in a way that’s totally customised to your business. You just have to plug this template into your account to make that happen.

THIS IS perfect for you if:

Who’s the Proposal Template for?

If you already have an automated proposal through an onboarding workflow that feels good for your clients and saves you time. Or if you’re an all around rockstar who already closes every lead.


Hint: Set up systems and automations first. Then think about hiring a virtual assistant. You might not even need one yet if you plug in this Proposal Template ASAP.

You’re a solopreneur who thinks you might need to hire a virtual assistant to help with this exact admin task soon because it sucks so much time out of your usual flow.

You wish you could crack the code to close more sales after the discovery call and get paid those deposits faster.

You’re a service provider who spends over 30 minutes onboarding every new client.

$97 - i need this!

How does it work?

You’ll get access to an easy-to-use proposal template designed in Dubsado’s latest form builder. With just 1 click it’s in your Dubsado account (I show you how). Once it’s in your account, you can customise with ease to add your branded colours, photos, and text. It’s really easy!

Bonus Proposal Training

For extra guidance (and my visual learners), you also get access to an actionable video training that goes over things like:

My recommended proposal structure to make hiring you a no brainer.

The must-include details to get more clients on your calendar.

How to streamline the next steps, like signing the contract and paying a deposit.

“I was finding that my Dubsado Proposal was not really conveying the tangible and intangible value of my services, and frankly, it was looking a little less-than-profesh.

Charlotte’s Proposal template and training allowed me to import her template into my Dubsado (with one click!) and add in all my own important info and pictures, with step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

I felt way more confident sending out my proposal under the new template and best of all? The client filled in all the relevant information and accepted it immediately."


Set up your proposal template the easy way like Chrissy...

How do I access the template?

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon purchase, check your email for a link to log into your dashboard. If you’re already in one of my programs or have purchased a resource, and you use the same email to purchase this digital product, you’ll see your new access point inside that same dashboard. Once logged in, you’ll find the Proposal Template and Training.

How long do I have access for?

You get "Lifetime Access". In other words, as long as the product exists you'll have access to it in your dashboard. If we ever discontinue it, you'll receive reasonable notice to download any files you want to keep.

Do I need to use Dubsado for this? What if I have another CRM?

This template is compatible inside Dubsado only. Sorry, not sorry! I firmly believe that it’s the best option out there.