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Create more ease in your business and gain free time in your life by setting an intentional schedule.

Ideal Week Planner

Stop letting everyone else decide how you use your time. Find space and ease in your business with an intentional weekly schedule.

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A great client experience doesn’t start with choosing a CRM. It actually begins with you, the business owner, finding clarity around when and how you work best. And by intentionally scheduling our weeks, we not only are able to provide better services, but build a business that works around our lives. Rather than the opposite: Constantly working with no time left to actually live.

So many business owners feel this struggle:

You rush from meeting to meeting and never feel like you get anything done in the day because you’re constantly switching tasks.

Clients basically control your calendar because you let them book in at any time of day that they want.

You wonder how others find time to work on their business, take afternoons off, or generally live a life away from their desks.

And sometimes maybe it even feels like you’re dropping the ball with your clients because you’re so exhausted by all of the above.

these are perfect for you if:

Who's the Ideal Week Planner for?

If you already have awesome boundaries in your business and lots of space to get work done while serving your clients, then maybe skip this resource!


You don’t know where to start taking control of your schedule.

Your clients currently control your schedule, and you never have time left in the week to work on your own business. Sometimes it’s even hard to find time to actually get client work done too.

You’re a business owner who constantly feels like you’re behind or missing something. Rather than feeling fulfilled at the end of your days, you feel frazzled.

$27 - i need this!

The goal is to get your new calendar into a scheduler tool too because automating this helps you stick to the plan.

Video tutorial walking you through how to best use this resource.
Intention setting reflection exercise.
Ideal week planning exercise.
Ideal weekly planner template.
Implementation checklist (so you actually follow through!).

What's inside the Ideal Week Planner?

How do I access the planner?

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon purchase, check your email for a link to log into your dashboard. If you’re already in one of my programs or have purchased a resource, and you use the same email to purchase this digital product, you’ll see your new access point inside that same dashboard.

How long do I have access for?

You’ll see the Ideal Week Planner in your dashboard for 1 year from the day that you purchase. If you need these resources for longer, all are available for download or to be saved to your personal Google Drive account.

Do I need a scheduler to make this work?

No! This training is more about setting boundaries to take control of your time rather than forcing you to use a specific tool. Although I recommend using a scheduler because it really helps.