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Pre-qualify leads, sell more packages, and skip the rate discussion stress with this Services Guide Training… aka, your new secret weapon.

Services Guide Training

Never feel weird talking about your prices on a discovery call again.

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By organising your key packages, processes, and other important details into a services guide to send prospects, you remove that responsibility from your plate. When it’s time to show up for a discovery call, the discussion is more about how you can help them specifically, not covering the basics like how you work or how much it will cost. This secret weapon is how I get 95% of my website enquiries on discovery calls, with very little to no direct communication with me because it’s all automated.

Even if you quote custom pricing, a services guide will help you at least set a baseline.

They immediately ask for your rates, but only provide a vague description of what they need. You want to get them on a call, but they don’t want to book until they have a better idea of what you do and how much it will cost them. You’re stuck.

They provide a list of things they need your help with and insist on scheduling a call ASAP, so you do. But on that call, they realise that you’re out of their budget, along with a handful of other misaligned details like how you work best and realistic timelines. It’s a no go.

Everything seems to be going well. They enquire about your services, but don’t ask about rates. You provide more information via email, schedule a call, really click over Zoom, but then it’s time for the pricing discussion. You’re so nervous that they can probably see the sweat on your face. Not fun!

With the Services Guide Training, you can weed out the ones who aren’t a good fit, provide helpful information that sells your services prior to a discovery call, and feel more confident talking about your prices.

You get a lead in your inbox, and it could probably go 1 of 3 ways...

Who’s the Services Guide Training for?

this is perfect for you if:

You get bad leads, hop on calls with people who can’t afford your services, or waste a ton of time emailing back and forth about your packages.

You feel weird selling your services and would much rather just try to connect with leads on Zoom than pull any sales tricks.

You’re a business owner who absolutely hates talking about sweat-inducing things like rates on discovery calls.

$97 - i need this!

How to use a services guide to book more discovery calls with qualified leads.

A detailed breakdown of what to include in your services guide.

How to reinforce the value of your services compared to competitors.

An overview of how your new services guide will fit into your lead workflow.

What's inside the Services Guide Training?

How do I access the training?

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon purchase, check your email for a link to log into your dashboard. If you’re already in one of my programs or have purchased a resource, and you use the same email to purchase this digital product, you’ll see your new access point inside that same dashboard.

How long do I have access for?

You’ll see the Services Guide Training in your dashboard for 1 year from the day that you purchase. If you need these resources for longer, all are available for download or to be saved to your personal Google Drive account.

Do I need to use Dubsado to make this work?

No! You can send services guides manually or use a different CRM to make it happen. I just love to automate the process with Dubsado because it makes your job as a business owner even easier.