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What would you do with 4+ extra hours a week? What about more?

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I know it might not seem possible right now if you’re feeling stuck…

Overwhelmed on the regular just trying to keep track of all your clients. Who’s late on their invoice? Who needs a feedback form? Who’s ready for their questionnaire?

Super confident in your services, but low-key embarrassed by your process and totally ready to level up, so you can raise your rates.

Drowning in work and scared to take on more clients (even though you desperately want to) because you’re worried about how you’ll manage it all.

Trust me, you can have this. So many business owners have hit this point before you and come out better on the other side… All thanks to strategic automation.

Imagine growing your business without having to hustle (ick—my least favourite word).

What if you could find the freedom to live and fall back in love with your business? It’s all about the little things in life like sipping hot coffee on slow mornings before getting into client work for the day.

A manageable inbox.

An actual life outside of your business.

Less busywork—more meaningful, forward movement.

It’s going to be okay because there’s a simple solution to all this. Systems will set you free.

Take the FREE course: 7 Steps to Automation.

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After you enroll, check your inbox for all the details. Inside, you will find 7 simple steps to begin automating your business’ day-to-day so you can spend more time doing things you love… like binge-watching Love Is Blind and pretending the world’s going to be okay (No—really, it’s going to be fine).


What’s included in 7 Steps to Automation?

 1. Video walk through of what a CRM can actually do for you.
 2. Tutorial and exercise to figure out what to automate in your business.
 3. CRM comparison: Which option is the best for you?
 4. How to plan a seamless client experience worthy of high-end rates.
 5. Dubsado setup roadmap to guide you through the process.
 6. Workflow building walk through: A real look at one of my workflows!
 7. Get launch ready and plug in the last pieces of the puzzle.

This comprehensive course includes video lessons, exercises to work through on your own, and templates to tick off all the key items in a Dubsado setup.

Who am I to show you how to work smarter?

I like to drink my flat white while it’s hot and you can enjoy your morning coffee too by creating systems that work for you. I work with service-based business owners to refine their business operations so they can find the freedom to grow. Developing memorable client experiences is my specialty and through automation with Dubsado, I help you make time to actually enjoy your business.

Charlotte Isaac, Business Operations Consultant

Why not? Automation can feel super overwhelming at first, but with the right tools that make setup easy, you’ll be on your way to drinking your coffee freshly brewed and clocking out of work on time.

Real talk: I promise this will be good because I really hate BS in my inbox. I want to reach more people (because more of you deserve to find freedom in your business). And I know a good way to make more friends is to show them a peek behind the scenes, so here we are. Not to be overly confident, but you’re going to love this.

When I discovered Dubsado, I was hooked. I’ve always been one to look for ways to work smarter and this comes in especially handy for business owners trying to grow that bottom line. 

Why this free resource?

Now? I have more time in my days and my clients are happy.

Before Dubsado, I spent way too much time on busywork, managing clients, and just trying to keep track of all the things.


Clearly I went all in with Dubsado since now this is my core service—this isn’t something you set up once to know it all. It’s a perfect balance between understanding business operations, knowing the ins and outs of specific industries, and a knack for Dubsado lingo. A little bit of problem solving. A lot of critical thinking to make sure everything runs smoothly for clients.



Hear it straight from happy clients…


“The month after I finished setting up Dubsado, I doubled my monthly income. Within a few months, I quadrupled it. Like, WHAT?!

Dubsado helps me save time on busywork so I can spend more time with clients. That means delivering better work than ever and booking more projects. Features like my custom forms, automation, and client portal also make me feel super professional—clients always compliment how easy it is for them to work with me.
All this combined helped me book more projects and justify raising my rates (they’ve doubled in the past year).”


“I was spending close to 4 hours PER client, which included drafting an amazing proposal, sending it, and then onboarding the newly signed client. It was a lot of manual work.

After working with Charlotte, creating proposals and onboarding takes me 12 minutes now. 12 MINUTES! I can’t believe I was spending so much time on this before!”


“Charlotte was the best teacher I could have asked for! In addition to being able to break down all things Dubsado in a clear, digestible format, she’s also a client experience genius who shares strategies and systems to serve your people better.

My new forms, canned emails, and automated workflows are already saving so much time and freeing me up to focus on the areas of my business I’m most passionate about.”