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Automate your new client setup process behind the scenes with this massive zap: From Dubsado to Google Drive and everything in between.

Zapier Basics

This zap template will save you about 1 hour per new client by automating the setup across your core software platforms.

zap it now!

And how much time does that take you? On average, probably about 1 hour per client, if not a little more. You could be doing much better things in that hour.

Let’s automate all of the above so you can get into the real work you signed up for.

With Zapier Basics, you get to steal my very own zap that connects all the key pieces of your new client setup automatically in the background. It really is as simple as set it and forget it.

Create a Google Drive folder for the project and set the appropriate permissions so your client and their team can access everything.

Add the relevant internal templates and documents to this folder so you can get started.

Input specific tasks to ClickUp, or your project management tool of choice, so you stay on track throughout the process.

And add your new client to the appropriate email list.

Maybe more…?

If your process is anything like mine, you probably also have to do all this:

You sign a new client… Yay! Then what? 

these are perfect for you if:

Who’s Zapier Basics for?

zaps, please!

*If you don’t want to pay for Zapier, there’s the option to connect multiple small zaps versus using my got-to all-in-one template. I’ll show you how!

You want to automate more of the busywork before even thinking about hiring support like a virtual assistant.

You spend more than 30 minutes on average getting a new client setup.

Your services are relatively standardised in that you use close to the same structure every time you onboard a new client.

$97 - i need this!

How to customise my Zapier templates to use within your own business.

A mini training on other ways you can use Zapier to streamline and automate.

The Zapier templates, of course!

An actionable video training that includes:

What's inside Zapier Basics?

How do I access the templates?

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon purchase, check your email for a link to log into your dashboard. If you’re already in one of my programs or have purchased a resource, and you use the same email to purchase this digital product, you’ll see your new access point inside that same dashboard.

How long do I have access for?

You’ll see Zapier Basics in your dashboard for 1 year from the day that you purchase. If you need these resources for longer, all are available for download or to be saved to your personal Google Drive account.

Do I need a paid Zapier plan?

No! There’s templates for both a paid plan and a free one. The paid plan is way more powerful, so I recommend it if you are choosing to use this tool. However, you can make it work in a basic sense and still save yourself loads of time until you’re ready to upgrade.