Five ways to grow your income with Dubsado

If you’re on the fence about Dubsado, you probably already know that the automation features are going to help you save time, and that you’ll appear more professional in your client communication. But… how do you know when is the right time to invest in getting it set up? Should you wait until you have more clients? Well, I refuse to repeat the whole “time is money” talk because I think you’re smart enough to know that without being told. Instead, I want to give you 5 really specific ways that Dubsado can directly help you grow your income.

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Grow your income with Dubsado

5 ways to grow your income with Dubsado

1. Automate your follow-ups

Humans are forgetful. We all have things going on. If you’re not following up with your clients after you invite them to book a discovery call with you, or after you send them a proposal, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

It’s easy to feel awkward about following up with people. Personally, I think doing it shows that you’re excited about working with someone, and that you’re organised and ‘on the ball’. Either way, if you automate your follow-ups using Dubsado you don’t have to feel awkward — it just happens.

2. Add add-ons to your proposals

This works really well for some of my clients! And Dubsado makes it SO easy for you to offer extra’s to your new clients, so they can customise how they work with you — and you can increase the total value of that client.

If it makes sense for you to offer a complimentary service in your proposal that your clients can buy as a bundle – give it a try! It’s really unlikely that people are going to come back to you after they’ve seen your proposal and ask if you can extend what you’ve offered them. However, they might take you up on it if it’s easy for them to add on extras in your proposal.


  • A wedding photographer could offer an engagement shoot, or a day-after session.
  • A coach could suggest a couple of extra sessions or even an accountability session.
  • A digital marketer could offer a social media audit or content marketing plan.
  • A brand and website designer could give their new clients a better rate for working with them on both their brand and their website.


3. Automate your upsells

There’s not many of us that enjoy upselling, so we avoid it the plague. Same thing with re-engaging past clients. I get it, it can feel really icky!

Here’s the thing — if you want to start offering an upsell or going back to past clients and inviting them to work with you again, automating this will help you do it consistently without the angst.

Spend a little time writing some emails that feel really good to you. Ones that you’d be happy to send out to a biz bestie that had worked with you before. Put them in Dubsado, create a workflow and let it happen without you stressing about it.

If it doesn’t work? There’s no harm in tweaking it. But it does work? This can really help grow your income. It’s easier to work with clients who already trust you and can see the value you add to their business or life.

4. Create a tagging system that helps in the slow months

Create a tag called “declined by price”. When someone decides not to work with you, you can add this to the project before you archive it.

This means that if you’re having a slow month, or you want to create a little cash injection in your business, you can search your archive for these people. Then, you can go back to them saying “hey, I know working with me wasn’t in your budget a few months ago — but I’m offering this special thing, would you be interested?”.

This. Works.

5. Use Dubsado’s Project Sources feature to help you focus your time

If you have no idea where your leads are coming from, and which ones convert, this is really going to help you.

Dubsado recently launched this lead reporting feature, and I love it because it lets you visually see a breakdown of where your leads are coming from. Here’s what mine looks like for the past month:

A macbook with Dubsado's project breakdown page on the screen — one of the ways you can grow your income with Dubsado

As you can see, this shows where your clients come from and when, as well as how many projects are converting each week and what your average sale is from these projects.

You can also search by date, which is beyond helpful if your business is somewhat seasonal. Summer, when I’m posting this, is my slowest time of year. This report helps me see that during this period, most of my clients are coming from the Dubsado Facebook Community, whereas referrals are where many of my clients come from throughout the rest of the year.

If you spend some time looking over this screen every month or quarter, you can start to get a really good idea of what’s working for you now and where you need to spend more time to get more clients.


So, there you have it – that’s 5 ways you can use to Dubsado to grow your income beyond the whole time equals money situation we hear so much about.

If you’re still not sure whether Dubsado is right for you, here’s all the reasons I recommend Dubsado to my clients and students.

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