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5 tasks you can automate so you can focus on your clients

If the worst thing that can happen to your business is a lack of clients, the second-worst thing is a lack of capacity. 

As a service-based biz owner when you hit full capacity, it’s not only unsustainable (hello burnout), but service quality normally starts to suffer. After all, something’s got to give right? 

Your capacity adds a ceiling to your earning potential, so you want to make that ceiling as high as possible before you expand your team. The way you do this is to make your business as efficient as possible. 

I’ve previously discussed how you can grow your income with Dubsado, but today I wanted to delve into the types of things you can set up with Dubsado workflows, so you can keep your capacity for the most important thing – your clients!

5 things to automate to boost your business capacity right now:


Love them or hate them, contracts are a necessary evil of doing business. Even if they do suck the excitement out of bringing a new client on board. If you’ve already created contract and agreement templates then you’re already ahead, but you can take this one step further by automating the entire process.

Screenshot of Dubsado Contract Template - a task you can automate

Dubsado workflows allow you to edit and send templates with your digital signature, collect electronic client signatures and give everyone a copy when it’s completed. 

Onboarding Questions

Getting to know new clients is rewarding but incredibly time-consuming. From requesting brand documents and assets to getting the right information you need so you can get started, the back and forth can literally take days.

With Dubsado you can automate your intake questionnaires or forms to be sent after contracts are signed (and deposits paid) so you can get started straight away. You can also set triggers so that once the step is completed, the next step is sent automatically so you’re not bombarding them all at once.

Screenshot of a Dubsado Questionnaire - an onboarding task you can automate

Not only does this make you look super-efficient, but it makes sure you don’t have to ‘hand-hold’ early on in your client relationship which can come back to bite you later. 

Client Nurture

Nurturing doesn’t just end because you’ve gained a client, you’ve got to keep communication lines open and set expectations to keep your clients happy. While a lot of this is your own personal touch, if you have created standardised internal processes, you can automate a lot of it.

Screenshot of a Canned Email in Dubsado, showing an automated client nuture

The best example I can give you is letting clients know, once a project start date has arrived, that you’re loving getting started and when they can expect to hear from you. It’s these personal touches that make your services stand out, and your clients coming back for more. You could even send retainer reminders which have the added benefit of making sure invoices are paid on time, and don’t just come out of the blue. 

Testimonial/Review Requests

Social proof is key for your marketing, and feedback helps you improve your services—but asking can be awkward, and a pain to remember after a project is finished. Create a feedback loop in your business so that your clients are automatically asked for testimonials, recommendations and reviews when you hit certain milestones.

Screenshot of Charlotte Isaac's Google Reviews

From sending a feedback form to direct links to platforms they can leave a review, you could even send automated thank you emails once they’ve completed it to keep that touchpoint open. 

Appointment scheduling

Since self-cleaning houses aren’t a thing yet, we’ll just have to settle for hands-off appointment scheduling instead. Have clients book appointments that suit them without the back-and-forth discussion about availability, which is honestly a time suck for you both! 

Screenshot of a Dubsado appointment scheduler, to automate Discovery Calls

Set up a Dubsado workflow using templates that allow clients, or prospects, to book time in your calendar, and send reminders without having to lift a finger. All you have to do is show up. 

Wishing you had Dubsado workflows set up right now? Click here to get my editable workflow templates and get started straight away.

Screenshot of laptop showing a Google Doc with Dubsado workflow templates by Charlotte Isaac

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